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Frequently asked questions - Short Stories

What is snackable content?
  • A snackable content is a short form of an information or the content that is easily understandable and really quick which can be understood in just a few seconds.
  • With snackable content the audience need not worry about reading long paragraphs or stories and spend minutes and minutes of their time to understand it. Which makes it best for creation of visual content for their products or services and branding. 
What are key benefits of snackable content?

There are several benefits of snackable content and all are the best practices and effective methods.

The key benefits of snackable content are:

  • Increases traffic to your websites and helps in the customer engagement and retention.
  • Promotes and increases your brand awareness
  • Snackable content helps to reach broader audiences on all social channels both in desktop as well as mobile.
  • Can be used on multiple and various platforms.
  • Larger information in less time with engaging visual content.
  • Easily shared with a few clicks.


What are the types of snackable content?

There are several types of snackable content which include

  • Quotes for branding
  • Short videos for brand awareness
  • Short interviews/quizzes
  • How to videos
  • Product demonstrations/intros
  • Short surveys
What is a snackable video?
  • Snackable video or the snackable content is termed as a bitesized content basically visual content which is quickly grabbed, understood and shared as well within a few clicks and seconds. A snackable content is easily created or turned any content into snackable content any videos, quizzes, surveys and forms can be turned into snackable video and with human touch to them with our snackeet!  
What are the examples of snackable content?

The snackable contents are short, sweet and shareable. They are easily viewed on any device mobile, desktop and tablet. The best examples for snackable content are:

  • Snackeet
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Vine