Create interactive
web stories, quizzes and surveys to build strong relationships with
your audience.

Get personal with creative videos and images stories to interact face to face with your prospects and customers. Join the future of web communication and create great online quizzes, surveysinterviews, lead forms & many more!

Snackeet Interface


What is Snackeet ?

Snackeet is an online web story builder and quiz creator which allows you to build visual storytelling campaigns for your business.


Get personal with creative videos and images stories to interact face to face with your prospects and customer





Create Interactive quizzes that get replies with instant results through Snackeet.



Get feedback and trends from your clients through Survey Stories and embed them on your website using Snackeet.



Why Snackeet?

No coding required. Complete drag and drop UX. Compatible on all devices.

What's the difference between a social network's story & a web story ?

Although they endorse a similar form, Web Stories comprise some added benefits.

The lifespan.

Web Stories stay online as long as you decide them to be.

The reach.

While social network’s stories are only viewable in their corresponding App, web stories can be embedded anywhere.

The analytics.

With social network stories, you are limited to basic analytics. With Web Stories, you can make advanced integrations like  Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, enabling you to personalize your stories according to your audiences.

You control the data.

By using Web Stories, once you collected data, you can easily export it or connect it to your CRM software. You can structure the data as you are used to.

Conditional flow.

Web Stories enable you to set up conditional flows. Thus, you can address your audience segments in personalized ways, therefore strengthening your message.

Lead Generation

Design visual lead generation forms to drive more sales.


Pre-recruit Talents by Interviewing through Stories.


Create Surveys, Feedback forms in the forms of Stories through Snackeet.


Build fun and entertaining visual quizzes.
Make learning enjoyable.


Generate leads with personalized content

Video generates better engagement and conversion compared to plain texts.

Snackeet is a one-stop solution for creating a mix of text, images, and videos in a Story format.

Engaging customer feedbacks

Snackeet enables you to get connected with your customer by giving a human touch to your website. 

How would it be if a Customer receives a friendly personalized video message when he visits your Website?

Increase Engagement with your Audience 

Your Snackeet stories can be embedded in seconds on all websites using our widget to acquire new customers through Snackeet

Instantly reach millions of people emotionally. Snackeet also provides clear and helpful reports so you can measure the impact on your campaigns.

Acquire new customers through Snackeet

An interesting way to learn

It allows students to learn with engaging stories and asynchronously develop their skills more humanly.

One-Stop Solution

Keep your customers and users closer and engaged with Snackeet.
Grow your brand with us and make your first snack story!