With over 500 million users watching them daily, you’re probably already familiar with Instagram stories. 

Basically, you click on a rounded widget at the top of the app and let yourself be carried by a succession of vertical tappable pages mixing videos, images, textual elements, and a call to action. 

Web Stories rely on the same basis but present some differences. Web Stories allow content creators to have complete liberty in designing user experience and flow based on HTML, meaning available anywhere on the web.

What is a web story?

Why are they important?

Promoted by Google, the Web Story is an emerging format that enables many new interactions on website interfaces. But let’s begin with some facts.

  • 31% of social media users said they plan to increase their use of stories in the future to be in contact with brands they value ;
  • 62% of them said they were interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories ;
  • 86% of users watching brand content using the story format watch it entirely.

From these insights, you can see how much value an embedded story will bring to your website. Web Stories enable you to:

  • Deliver content in the way your visitors want it to be delivered ;
  • Improve your brand and product awareness ;
  • Considerably increase the reach of the message you want to deliver.
Web story builder


Visual storytelling!

In a nutshell, Web Stories are content permitting you to communicate with your audience in the best existing way. Via naturally engaging mobile-optimized storytelling backed up with eye-catching visuals.

In a digital environment, where the capture of attention is the cornerstone of every business, Web Stories represent a competitive way to attract, grab, and keep your prospects’ and customers’ attention because of their engaging, dynamic and immersive form.

A fast-loading content

Web story builder

But that’s not all; Web Stories can also boost your SEO. Google created the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Stories technology. We’ll spare you the technical details, but Web pages backed by this technology require less flow and imply a shorter loading time. AMP technology’s exact functioning will be the subject of a future article.

Because loading time is a determining SEO factor, webpages compatible with the AMP technology increase their chances to rank higher in the search engine result pages.

For the moment, just an emerging technology, AMP Stories will soon be a direct visibility lever for your website. Indeed, Google announced a section would soon be allocated for those contents above organic & paid results: in the coveted position 0.

Besides, AMP Stories will also be visible in the Google Images results and the “Discovery” section of the Google App.

In short, AMP Stories are a great way to increase your website’s visibility directly.

How to make Web Stories?

Web Story creation attracts many players; each one specialized in his field. 

Some actors positioned themselves exclusively as interactive video creators embeddable on your website. Others address e-commerce issues and promise to increase your conversion rates through interactive content.

But Web Stories are more than that. They have the potential to address your needs, whatever they might be. That’s our vision, and Snackeet aims to create the most complete and powerful market tool.

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