The best tool to create Web Stories

 Snackeet is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their audiences. 

Increase your ROI with Snackeet. 

Why Snackeet ?

Here are some of the advantages of using web stories :

  • It provides a human touch to your website.
  • Easily convert your leads through video stories.
  • It permits one-to-one interactions with your audience.
  • You can easily embed it on your website or send them via email.


    Key features for lead generation:

    • Surveys with video interactions

    Collect data through video stories.
    Create and respond to surveys in no time.

    • Faster integration

    It gets easily integrated on your website with a widget.
    Easily connect with your CRM Platforms.

    Lead Generation

    Get more leads

    • It’s a fact: videos are more effective than images.
    • You can now create personalized video lead forms with Snackeet.
    • Easily embed the forms on your website or share the link in your emailing campaigns.

      Say goodbye to lengthy contents

      • The conventional way to generate leads is a time-consuming and challenging process, but thanks to Snackeet’s visual content, you can generate leads with visual lead forms in no time
      • Share information with Web stories and capture leads

      The Triple S : Short, Simple & Shareable

      • It’s effortless to create stories with Snackeet 
      • Besides, web stories are a short, crispy, and interactive content format, which will increase your chances of conversions.

      Audience engagement/

      Customer Engagement

      Engage and interact with your audience

      Interactive communication

      • Communicate directly with your audience on a personal level
      • Build trust by face-to-face interactions 


      Key features for Audience engagement:


      • Face-to-face interactions

         Nobody likes to talk to a bot. Communicate directly through your   website

      • Manage your conversations 

        Ask for feedback or respond to your audience with web stories.
        Manage your communication funnel in one place


      Key features for recruitment:

      • Online questionnaire

      Gather the prerequisites required for the candidates’ recruitment process and show your candidates several follow-up questions—filter applicants as per the job requirements.

      • Online quizzes

      Add questions related to the job description and required skill sets and create technical quizzes for the candidates. Assess them instantly.

      • Story Interviews

      Choosing to upload videos of yourself asking the interview questions and allowing them to record and upload their responses to the questions will be differentiating also will enable the interview process to be conducted asynchronously.


      Discover your candidates and recruit the best talents

      Save your time

      • Save yourself a lot of time by switching from a traditional recruitment process to a modern one, and recruit the best profiles.

      Fix meeting through stories

      • Candidates can let you know their availabilities by selected a slot in your calendar through the Calendly integration.

      Micro-Learning & Education

      Make learning  interesting and fun!

      Fun Learning

      • Interact with your students with instant story quizzes and surveys.
      • Test and evaluate your students within a few minutes and with more straightforward steps.
      • Snackeet is an effective solution for all your educational purposes.

      Key features of micro learning and education:


      • Improve Skills

        Fill up the knowledge gaps with your students or the learners, and give them the best onboarding experience.

      • Interview Training

        Customize story interviews according to their profile. Get their responses and help them to be ready for their interview.