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Best storytelling and videotelling tool

Snackeet allows to create and share the best stories in the short story formats that attract the audience and turn them into your customers.

Get fruits with Snackeet

Here are some the advantages of short stories:

  • The most important points are highlighted
  • You can get to know the audience
  • They can be shared easily
  • Small ideas can be used and make big difference
  • Lengthy stories can be turned into short stories


snackeet advantaged

key features for lead generation:

  • Surveys with video interactions

Customize your surveys and give them a personal touch.

Create and customize attention grabbing CTA’s and improve your CTR (click through rate).

  • Online forms

Collect the data that you require with Snackeet’s forms for your marketing campaigns or other purposes in a short span.

  • Faster integration

The data collected is easily connected to your CRM tools and other tools like calendar, business tools etc…  

  • Nurture your leads

Automate your processes by sending relevant and personalized content to your leads and prospects at every stage of the funnel and make better conversion all done at one place with Snackeet!


Lead Generation

How snackeet can get you more leads

  • Snackeet can be a game changer for your business
  • Snackeet will help you to qualify your potential leads faster and with personalisation…
  • Have a face-to-face interaction with your audience and increase your audience engagement with short stories.

Say bye to lengthy contents

  • The conventional way to generate leads is a difficult and time taking process but thanks to Snackeet’s visual content, you can generate leads easily and within no time.
  • The Snackeet’s snackable content delivers the best information and results in the increase of your leads.

Short, simple and shareable

  • Snackeet’s short, simple and shareable content fits in the audience pulse and boots the conversion rate of your leads.
  • The people who respond to your snackable content may in be turn into your customers and they are your hot leads since they have made a step forward to your stories.

Audience engagement/

Customer Engagement

Engage and interact your audience with Snackeet and get to know them better

Better communication

  • Work and communicate closely with your audience either at individual level or in groups/teams all at one place and all possible with snackeet.
  • Communicate with your audience visually and build trust among them which adds up an instant value to your brand.

All at once

  • Manage all your ongoing conversations with your audience and communities at one place and at once so free up your calendar. 

key features for Audience engagement:



  • One click or Audio/video responses 

    Easy one click responses or audio and video responses as per your requirement to get your audience feel more flexible and convenient to record their responses.

  • Manage your conversations 

    Engage your audience by instantly replying to them or by starting a conversation whenever it’s required with Snackeet.


key features for recruitment:

  • Online questionnaire

Gather the prerequisites required for the recruitment process  from the candidates and show your candidates several follow up questions and filter the candidates as per the job requirements.

  • Online quizzes

Add the questions related to the job description and required skill sets and create technical quizzes for the candidates and assess them instantly.

  • Video Uploads

Options to upload videos of yourself asking the interview questions and allowing the candidates to record and upload their responses to the questions will be captivating and allow the interview process to be conducted in real time.


Discover your candidates and recruit the best talent and deserving candidates with snackeet!

Save time

  • Save a lot of time with the modern recruitment process and say goodbye to the old fashioned recruitment style and recruit the best of the best.

Test your candidates

  • Test the candidates with online quizzes either technical quizzes or the personality quizzes or the competency based interview questions all with one simple and easy to use tool snackeet!

Know your future employee

  • Identify the charismatic candidates beforehand with video interviews and quizzes even without having to meet them and save your precious and valuable time.

Micro-Learning & Education

Make learning more interesting and simple with Snackeet!

Micro-learning/Nugget learning

  • Micro learning or nugget learning is a short form of the learning which deals with short form of learning or short term learning activities it is a standalone mini learning activity nugget learning usually lasts not more than 5 minutes.
  • Snackeet allows your students or learners to effectively learn with micro-learning making learning more fun and interesting and helps learners to develop their skills in real-time.

Fun Learning

  • With snackeet education system is taken to the next level with the direct interactions for your students and make learning more interactive and interesting with digital learning. Learning has never been this fun thanks to micro-learning with snackeet!
  • Education can be learnt, tested and evaluated within a few minutes and with simpler steps and snackeet is an effective solution for all your educational purposes.

Key features of micro learning and education:

  • E-Learning

    The learning process is simple and easy to use and can be effectively implemented with the online learning processes which helps in the learner engagement and brings up the value to your students and learners.

  • Rise skills 

    Build and develop skills with the quizzes and learning strategies and fill up the knowledge gaps with your students or the learners and give them the best onboarding experience.

  • Interview trainings

    Create interactive interview at scale for your student. Customize it according their profils. Get their responses and help them to be ready for their interview.